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Here at JMT Digital, web design and development is one of our specialties. We’re a web agency that creates professional responsive websites that look exceptional on any device. Whether you want to give your business the professional look to set yourself apart from other local businesses or looking for a professional website agency to build your E-com store JMT Digital is one of the top web design companies in the UK.

For years, everyone would except almost all of the world’s large companies to have a website, however, some smaller businesses believe that having a website is unnecessary. In reality, no matter how big or small your company is you’re almost certainly losing customers to your competitors if you don’t have a strong professional web presence. If you want to increase your sales or build brand awareness for your business, you need a website that not only looks the part but gets people engaged. Admittedly, creating a website that gives you the upper hand over the competition can be challenging which is where JMT Digital expert web designers comes in.

Choosing The Correct Site.

Deciding what site would work best for your business doesn’t need to complicated, just ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the website?
  2. How much information do I require on the website?
  3. Do I need to be able to sell directly from my website?

So, what is the purpose of your website? Are you hoping to gain more customers, brand awareness or are you wanting to launch an online store? For example, if you run a mechanics the likely hood is a basic plan would be perfect for you, homepage, about us, contact us and a service page. 
How much information do you want on your site? Picture your site in your head, how individual pages do you think you require? Can certain things share a page? 

Are you going to sell your product directly from the site? Will your customers need to be able to browse your catalogue of products, choose the product they desire and order all from your site? Then you need a site with full e-commence feature. If you’re providing a service rather than a product you probably don’t need E-commence features, its possible to have clients books appointments through your site or directly without these features.

Hopefully this has helped you but the best way to find the correct fit for you and your business is to get in touch and let one of our experts guide you through the process.

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Does Your Business Need A Website?

Now more than ever creating an online presence for your business is becoming more and more essential. With a website your business can be open 24/7 without the need of any extra work on your behalf. Whether you require a builder or baker, everyone’s first port of call is to open their phone or computer and search for the service required, long gone are the days of the phone directory.
Most businesses now have social media business pages so what better way to set your business apart than getting an expertly built website to showcase your business.
Beyond the obvious benefits, having a website for your business also helps grow your brand credibility. Let’s say you need a builder who is more likely to give you the better first impression, builder 1 with his Facebook page with 200 followers or builder 2 with his professional website showing you past work, his trust pilot score & giving you the option to schedule a quote?

JMT Digital offers expert website design with fast delivery and transparent pricing.

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